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MCYSA New Website: http://www.mcysa.org/home.php


MCYSA Scoring Page: https://www.secure-sam.com/www.mcysa.org/sam/standings/ss/login.php

Password: 871391

Schedules  http://www.mcysa.org/schedules_and_standings


I want to take a few minutes and update you on things going on with the league website. Please share this with your coaches, team managers, etc:

  • Score Reporting – Only the person listed as the team primary contact can log in to enter scores. The login emails are case sensitive. The website will only accept the first score submitted for a game. If your team contact logs in and there is already a score shown, (in gray) they need to do nothing further. We discovered a minor problem when people login to enter their scores. Since Bonzi is a west coast company, their system works on Pacific Daylight Time. Therefore, you must wait three hours after the scheduled start time of your game to enter the score. They are working on a solution to that problem.  Use your email address and PASSWORD 871391 when logging in your score.
  • Score Conflict – As mentioned above, the system will only accept a score report from one team. However, if you login and notice a problem with the reported score, please go to the form labeled Score Conflict located in the lower right corner of the score reporting screen and send the information requested. We will then investigate the situation.
  • Coach’s Game Report and Referee Evaluation – There is now a form on the score reporting screen for coaches to enter their evaluation of the opposing teams conduct and to evaluate the referees assigned to their game. The form is similar to what was used in the past. It is located at the bottom left on the screen. Please stress to your coaches the importance of completing this form after each game. At the present time, data on the form must be entered manually.

Items to bring with you on game day.


  • Game Day Roster - 2 copies (printed in bonzi for each game, printed within 3 days)
  • NJYS Official "State" Roster - 1 copy in case of player or coach verification is needed
  • Coach Cards (laminated)
  • Player Cards (laminated)
  • Medical release forms for all players
  • Game fee(s) for Referee crew

Best Practice;

  • Game ball (home team responsibility)
  • Medical kit; ice packs, athletic tape, twine for nets, shoelaces, sun screen, hair ties, etc.
  • Mobile phone (in case of emergency)
  • Whistle (in case a referee for a 8-10U match is not assigned)