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(RE) Scheduling Games Procedure 


Rescheduling of Home Games is the responsibility of the Home team, so please try to reschedule the game as soon as possible after any Home Game Cancellation.

In MNJYSA, JAGS and MAPS coaches may ALSO need to schedule home games.

Whether re-scheduling a cancelled home game or scheduling a home game, please follow the steps below.


1.  Access the Google Docs master home schedule to find a few options for the game you need to schedule.



2. Offer a those options to your opponents coach (coach contact information can be found through the League websites).  Once you and the opposing coach agree on a date/time update the Google Doc Spreadsheet with the your team name and the opponents team name.

3. Please send an email to with  that revised game information (Home Team Name, Opposing Team Name, Flight, New Date, Time & Field) to the SSC Field Scheduler and the respective SSC League rep.   The SSC Field Scheduler and/or SSC League Rep will contact the league to confirm the game. DO NOT CONTACT MCYSA OR MNJYSA DIRECTLY.

4. Once you receive OFFICIAL confirmation from the League (via SSC Field Scheduler), the game is OFFICIALLY schedule. You can update Google Docs with confirmation # if provided.

5. Inform the opposing coach that game has been (RE) Scheduled.



**** Every effort should be made to find a date/time that works for your team and your opponent.

****Please be courteous when using Google Docs as only those games that have been confirmed or likely to be confirmed with another team should be entered into Google Docs Master Spreadsheet.  Multiple (same game) or Blank Opponents should NOT be entered.