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Incoming Players & Parents:                                   

Welcome to the girls soccer program at Summit High School!

I wanted you all to be aware of what the girls’ soccer summer program consists of and to give you dates to help with your summer planning.

In order to tryout you MUST have a physical, have filled out all the required athletic forms and paperwork and return it to the high school athletic trainers, Karen Manista & Allison Cahott to be CLEARED. Please return the paperwork as soon as possible before July 29th. All forms can be downloaded from the Summit High School Athletic Website.

By August 15th (our official start date when mandatory practices begin) I will receive a list from the athletic trainers with the names of all the girls who are cleared to play. Until you are on that list you cannot practice. It is a state requirement that all high school athletes have six practices before they can play in a scrimmage or game so any delay in being physically cleared may delay playing in scrimmages.

Summer Practices – All practices will be held on the high school field on the following dates/times:

June 13th & 20th                            3.30pm – 5pm

June 27th                                                   9am – 11am                                                                              

July 11th, 18th & 25th                        9am – 11am

August 1st & 8th                                       9am – 11am


Strength, Conditioning & Injury Prevention – These practices will be held at hte Summit High School.

June 15th & 22nd                                   3.30pm – 4.30pm

June 29th                                              9am – 10am

July 6th, 13th, 20th & 27th                       9am – 10am

August 10th                                           9am – 10am

Recent studies have shown that female athletes are 4-8 times more likely to suffer an ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) injury. Studies also indicate that running and jumping technique may be a major influence with these injuries. When it comes to the ACL it is important to learn correct technique for; cutting, jump landing, balance and to improve the quality and speed of footwork. 

Elizabeth 7 on 7 Preseason TournamentThursday evenings beginning June 16th ending July 28th. Game times (40 minutes in duration) either 5pm, 6pm or 7pm. Schedule to be confirmed. 

Summit Girls High School Team Camp – At The Pingry School. Details to follow.

Captains Practices – These will be organized by this seasons varsity captains. Details to follow. 

Season Starts – August 15th  8am – 11am at Summit High School.

More information will be given to the girls on all of the above at the pre-season meeting at the middle school in May and also at “Meet the Coaches Night” March 21st.

Please note the summer practices, strength & conditioning, Elizabeth tournament, team camp & captains practices are all voluntary but they are an excellent way to transition into high school soccer and to help get in the required physical condition for the start of the season. Attending or not attending will not impact team placement when those decisions are made.

We look forward to seeing you and good luck in your preparation.

Summit Girls Soccer Coaching Staff



To download the physical forms & athletic paperwork go to:




Gary Healey, Varsity Coach



TBA, Varsity Assistant


Laura Cataldi, JV Coach



Anthony Ferrante, Freshman Coach



Bob Lockhart, Director of Athletics


908-273-8886 Option #3



Anna Morreale, Athletic Office Assistant

Office: 908-273-1494 Ext. 5510

Karen Manista, Athletic Trainer

Allison Cahott, Athletic Trainer

People who you turn in your completed physical forms & athletic paperwork to

908-273-1494 Ext. 5466