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Parent Manager Meeting Agenda - September 2019 (Ty Patel)

  1. SSC has more than 400 kids participating in travel this year and 33 total teams this year
    1. 18 teams u9 and under are playing in MCYSA / 15 teams u9 and up are playing in EDP.  
    2. Summit Soccer Club’s goals include:
      1. To enable our children to have fun playing competitive soccer;
      2. To teach our children good sportsmanship towards teammates, opposing players, coaches, and officials;
      3. To teach our children the importance of teamwork, and the responsibilities and rewards that come with commitment to a team;
      4. To provide high quality, professional soccer training so players can develop to the best of their ability;
      5. To enable our children to develop soccer skills, experience, and a passion for the game that will permit them to reach their highest potential.

  1. Review Team Packet Contents (Official Roster, Player Passes, Med Forms):
    1. Please go through the packet before the first game to ensure all player cards/passes are printed and everyone is properly assigned on the team roster. (There were some glitches with NJYS – e.g., some players showed up as approved but didn’t have passes printed).



  1. SSC Parent Manager Duties: http://www.summitsoccer.org/Page.asp?n=148063&org=POSTA.SUMMITSOCCER.ORG
    1. Generally, the role of the PM is to enhance the experience for the players by being the primary point of contact to keep the team organized. 
      1. Pre-Season - Helps with scheduling league games, pre-season/winter practices, tournaments/scrimmages/festivals
      2. In season- Sends regular/weekly reminders to team about upcoming games/practices
        1. PM supports HC in any way possible, as needed- manage the players from time to time, seek out more soccer (tourneys, scrimmages, team building) based on team/ HC availability
        2. Ensure game day rosters/passes/ref fees are presented for each game and walk the field prior to the game to ensure it is in safe playing condition (eg., make sure goals are secured to the ground, any ditches/drains are identified and approved by ref as playable, debris removed, etc.)
        3. Be a backup/secondary voice of instruction when needed


  1. Post-season – celebrate & recognize the team and plan for off-season soccer development opportunities!!!
  2. The Club’s team of professional Head Coaches have primary responsibility for all soccer related decisions – e.g., strategy, playing roles/positions, playing time, player assessment, subs, etc - and are the primary voice of instruction
    1. Refresh SSC teams/families about the Club’s Code of Conduct (see Appendix and email from Stacey Space on Aug 24th)
    2. SSC resources: Ty Patel (typatelssc.gmail.com)  


  1. SSC Practice Schedule:
    1. Weekday: http://www.summitsoccer.org/Page.asp?n=134517&org=SUMMITSOCCER.ORG
    2. Weekend: http://www.summitsoccer.org/Page.asp?n=110410&org=MX4.SUMMITSOCCER.ORG
    3. Team manager should assign chaperones – Chaperones should ensure no player is left without a pickup after practice; younger teams should encourage chaperones to remain for the duration of practices to help with bathroom breaks, minor injuries (vs. having Head Coach stop practice).
    4. SSC resource(s): Laura Madden (maddenl3@yahoo.com)


  1. Summit Home Field Space: Laura circulated the google worksheet with field schedule showing taken/available slots.  When PM’s are scheduling/rescheduling games, they should aim to share turf / grass fields equally.
    2. Scheduleà https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13UNbSw0VVqX1Cb8S7DSqHDTet7MMYtySsZRqWL9oxks/edit#gid=0
    3. Scheduling/Rescheduling: Generally the responsibility of home team
    4. Home field updates – closures, etc – see main SSC page for field closures (it is updated daily) - http://www.summitsoccer.org/Default.asp?org=MX4.SUMMITSOCCER.ORG
    5. SSC Resources: Field conditions/closures/accessibility – Laura Madden ( ) and Devin Dangler (ddanglerssc@gmail.com)


  1. GotSoccer/GotSport Login & EDP Info: https://www.gotsport.com/asp/teams/login.asp
    1. Register for tournaments, obtain tournament information/schedules, EDP league schedule, enter EDP league game scores, etc.
      1. EDP League info:
      2. Score reporting/EDP: https://www.gotsport.com/events/scoring/
        1. Also can use game day roster to directly access game score entry.


  1. GotSoccer Team app available and user friendly
  2. Game Day instructions: Each team is responsible for bringing the following to all games:
    1. Official Roster and Player Passes 
    2. Appropriate Game Card (printed from GotSoccer – from EDP or EDP Futures schedule)
    3. Referee Fees - posted on game card - teams split fees.


  1. SSC EDP League Resource:  Vadim Farberov ( )   


  1. MCYSA: http://www.mcysa.org/coaches
    1. League schedule/standings, flight notices, MCYSA league rules/handbook.  Full schedule is now published - http://www.mcysa.org/schedules_and_standings
    2. Game day instructions -- http://www.mcysa.org/gamedaytools
      1. Game Day Roster - 2 copies (printed in bonzi for each game, printed within 3 days of game)
        1. https://login.stacksports.com/login?client_id=5ac2ad756d9d3b028a146c99&redirect_uri=https://team.stacksports.com/virtual_login.php®ister_uri=https://team.stacksports.com/%23new_user
      2. NJYS Official "State" Roster - 1 copy in case of player or coach verification is needed
      3. Coach and Player Passes/Cards (laminated)
      4. Medical release forms for all players
      5. Game fee(s) for Referee crew
      6. Best Practices; Bring Game ball (home team responsibility), Medical kit; ice packs, athletic tape, zip ties for nets, shoelaces, sun screen, hair ties, etc., Mobile phone (in case of emergency), Whistle (in case a referee for a u9/10 match is not assigned or does not show up – both are rare), pinnies/goalie gloves for goalies, lace bands 
    3. game score day score entry - https://www.secure-sam.com/www.mcysa.org/sam/standings/ss/login.php
      1. Also can use game day roster to directly access game score entry.
    4. SSC/MCYSA League Resource: John Palphreyman ( )


  1. TeamConnect/Bonzi: https://team.stacksports.com/#dashboard
    1. MCYSA league game rosters/schedules (access rosters week to week; available 3 days before game day).  EDP league schedule/games/rosters are not available on TeamConnect (must use GotSoccer/ GotSport for EDP league games/rosters/score reporting) 


  1. Can also be used as main method of communication to your team(s)/track attendance, etc. (though I use TeamSnap which is super user-friendly but does charge an annual fee)


  1. Tournaments: http://www.summitsoccer.org/Page.asp?n=151226&org=SUMMITSOCCER.ORG

Also use GotSoccer to research, and register, for tournaments.

  1. The Club provides every Summit travel team with annual tournament allowance in the amount of $600, which we encourage you to use and take part in one of the local soccer tournaments.
  2. http://www.mcysa.org/LeagueCup - registration due by 9/8
  3. SSC Tournament Resource: Vadim Faberov ( )


  1. Ref Fees (should be posted on the EDP/MCYSA gameday rosters as well – Bryan Kievit bryankSSC@gmail.com):

SSC Head Coach Fees:

    1. SSC will pay for 50 professional head coach hours per season for u11 and older teams and 45 hours for u10 and younger teams.  It is possible that your team will go over that time budget in which case the team will be responsible for paying the amount over the allotted hours.  The professional head coaches typically charge between $70 and $85 per hour.  


  1. Storage Shed/Locker Codes:
    1. Glenside: 22 4 38
    2. Franklin:   03 28 09
    3. Memorial: 24 02 16
    4. How to open combination locks:
      1. Turn the dial 3 times to the right (clockwise) and stop on the first number of the sequence.
      2. Turn the dial to the left (counter-clockwise), pass the first number of the sequence and stop on the second number.
      3. Turn the dial to the right (clockwise) and stop on the third number of the sequence.
      4. Pull on the shackle.



  1. 7 v 7 Build out Line
    1. EDP: https://cdn1.sportngin.com/attachments/document/a3b8-1760532/2019_EDP_Build-Out_Line_procedures-3.pdf?_ga=2.210617884.886120685.1567524251-446124414.1567524251


  1. MCYSA: http://www.mcysa.org/doclib/MCYSA%20Modifications%20to%20the%20LOTG%20Fall%202016.pdf


  1. Ball Size Chart
    1. Size 4: U9 - U12 (24 teams)
    2. Size 5: U13+ (9 teams)


  1. Rule Books:
    1. MCYSA: http://www.mcysa.org/doclib/HandbookF2012_final.pdf
    2. EDP: https://www.edpsoccer.com/leagueprocedures


  1. Questions/Comments/Suggestions?
    1. Text chain for PMs for live updates/info sharing/questions on weekends?
    2. Others?





Summit Soccer Club Pre-Season Parent Manager Meeting


I.               Meeting Purpose


a.     To provide basic information to new and existing parent managers to allow them to successfully lead a team through the season.


b.     SSC has bare minimum needs for our parent managers and we are grateful that you will take care of those tasks.  However, there are numerous ways for you to significantly better the soccer experience for the kids on your team and we hope you choose to do so this year. This meeting outlines the bare minimum as well as extra credit stuff. 


c.     SSC has more than 400 kids participating in travel this year and 34 total teams this year


                                      i.     18 teams u9 and under are playing in MCYSA. 

                                    ii.     14 teams u9 and up are playing in EDP.  


II.             Summit Soccer Club’s goals include


a.     To enable our children to have fun playing competitive soccer


b.     To teach our children good sportsmanship towards teammates, opposing players, coaches, and officials


c.     To teach our children the importance of teamwork, and the responsibilities and rewards that come with commitment to a team


d.     To provide high quality, professional soccer training so players can develop to the best of their ability


e.     To enable our children to develop soccer skills, experience, and a passion for the game that will permit them to reach their highest potential


III.           Role of the Professional Head Coach


a.     SSC hires professional head coaches for every travel team.  The professional head coaches work for several different companies or operate as independent trainers.  The professional head coaches run the 2 mandatory practices per week and are responsible to participate in approximately 80% of a team's league games.  During games, professional head coaches should make all soccer decisions.  However, nearly every professional head coaches will be assigned to at least 2 SSC teams.  Therefore, league game conflicts occur.  We ask that parent managers identify those conflicts when the league schedule is announced in early September and work together to make sure your professional head coaches to attend the necessary game(s).  SSC may also be able to obtain a backup professional head coaches in the event your professional head coaches has conflict.  SSC will pay for 50 professional head coach hours per season for u11 and older teams and 45 hours for u10 and younger teams.  It is possible that your team will go over that time budget in which case the team will be responsible for paying the amount over the allotted hours.  The professional head coaches typically charge between $70 and $85 per hour.  


b.     Professional head coaches organize and run all scheduled practices


c.     Professional head coaches determine game strategy


d.     Professional head coaches determine starting lineups and playing positions for players


e.     Professional head coaches make the substitutions during the game


f.      Professional head coaches are the Primary Voice of instruction and strategy to the team


g.     Professional head coaches assess players during and at season end


h.     Professional head coaches are limited to 50 hours per season/per team


i.      Time over 50 hours for u11 and older teams and 45 hours for u10 and younger teams will be billed to the parent managers


IV.           General Parent Managers Responsibilities


a.     Ensure team and players have the best possible soccer experience adhering to the SSC Mission Statement and League Rules.   


b.     Parent managers assist the professional head coaches, as needed, at practices and games in managing the children, not assisting in soccer decisions. 


c.     The parent manager is a secondary voice of instruction and should not circumvent the professional head coaches’ view


d.     The parent manager is the primary voice regarding all other communication and scheduling with the team, SSC, and others


e.     Schedule parent chaperones to attend every practice. You can assign dates alphabetically to each family.  Alternatively, you can ask for weekday volunteers and cover Saturday practices or any other method. However, a chaperone is required at all practices.  A chaperone's primary responsibility is to make sure the kids get to and from practice safely and otherwise act an additional adult at practice.


f.      The parent manager reacts to/manages any player injuries.   All injuries should be communicated to the parent ASAP.  Serious injuries should also be communicated to the Director of Parent Coaches (ty.patel@pwc.com) and SSC President (campbelljp@aol.com).


g.     The parent manager monitors substitution/playing time and insures that the team is run in accordance with SSC Mission statement


                                      i.     (U9-U11 teams) players should receive relatively equal amounts of game time with all players playing at least half of each game. Playing time above the minimum is at the discretion of the team’s coaching staff.


                                    ii.     (U12-U14 teams) players should receive reasonable amounts of playing time each game to ensure a player is continuing to develop his or her skills. Each player should play at least twenty-five percent of the game.


h.     The parent manager assesses the professional head coaches during and at the end of the Season.  Any issues the parent manager or any player has with the professional head coach should be communicated as soon as possible to SSC's Directors of Coaching, Director of Parent Managers, Director of Trainers, and SSC President.


V.             General In-Season Responsibilities


a.     Communicate with the team regularly.  The more your team knows, the more organized the team will be and the more fun they will have.  


b.     Keep Schedule updated on the SSC website other platform (TeamSnap, TeamConnect, etc).


c.     Plan ahead (game and practice coverage)


d.     Respond to unforeseen events (game & practice cancellation, injuries, professional head coaches issues)


e.     Respond to player/parent inquiries


f.      Schedule a Tournaments and/or Friendly


g.     Consider/Schedule team for State Cup


h.     Email soccer video links, soccer on TV schedules


i.      Plan/Identify between Season training options for the team and players (Winter and Summer)


VI.           Specific Pre-Season Preparation


a.     Welcome Email(s) to the team from Coach


b.     All Licenses (NJYS State Certificate; formerly known as the "F" License) and Certificates (Concussion) obtained


c.     All Paperwork Completed


d.     Teams assigned, registered and flighted


e.     Introduce yourself to assigned Trainer


f.      PCN’s identified and Communicated to league Reps


g.     Equipment and Supplies (Balls, First/Aid, Net Ties, Goalie Gloves, Tape, Pens/Pencils) received/obtained


h.     Preseason Practices scheduled/funded (optional)


i.      Communicate Practices schedule with Chaperone’s identified 


j.      Communicate Game schedule with Location address/directions 


k.     Reschedule any PCNs or Game Conflicts


l.      Identify and Schedule a Tournament (bring SSC Patches)


m.   Identify and Schedule a Friendly


n.     Pickup Approved Roster, Medical Releases and Coach/Player Passes  NOTE: Please take great care with this information.


o.     Cash SSC Referee Check


p.    Add all important SSC Contacts into your Smart Phone /Load Team Connect APP


q.     Encourage players to get Concussion baseline if 11+


r.      Familiarize yourself with your league rules


VII.         Specific Game Week Preparation


a.     Communicate on Monday morning with the Opposing coach regarding Field Location/Time and Uniform Colors


b.     Send email reminder to team regarding game including Time/Location and Jersey


c.     Complete game cards for league play in advance of the games and bring them with you to your league games.  More information regarding this task will be provided before the season starts. 


VIII.       Specific Pre-Game Preparation


a.     Bring completed Game Card (fully complete before leaving from home)


b.     Bring Approved Roster, Medical Releases and Player/Coach Passes


c.     Bring Game Ball(s) and Supplies


d.     Bring Money for referee.  Checks will be distributed soon.  Keep all of the cash in your coaching binder and have smaller bills of $10 and $5 depending upon your referee fee.  Referees NEVER have change to make for you and they must be paid in cash. 


e.     Have opposing team contact info


f.      Arrive at game site 30 minutes before kick-off. If Home Game, make sure Field is prepared (Goals Secured, Corner Flags up, and Fans situated 15 feet from playing field).  Franklin and middle school flags and j-spikes in the Franklin locker (white "deck box" by fence, near swings).  Memorial locker (white "deck box" by wall) contains flags and j-spikes for 3 memorial fields. Glenside locker contains equipment for all other fields.


g.     Identify Game Sage Rep and Parent to cover Sideline (Flag)


h.     Introduce yourself to opposing team and referee


i.      Assist professional head coaches in warming up team, if necessary


j.      Assist Referee with Player Check-in (hand out Player and Coach Cards)


k.     Pay Referee


IX.           Specific In-Game Role


a.     Allow the professional head coaches freedom to coach the game as he or she sees fit


b.     Ensure playing time adheres to SSC Mission Statement


c.     Manage the players not on the field (if on the coaching sideline and where a HC is present)




X.             Specific Post-Game Routine


a.     Hand Shake Line


                                      i.     Remind kids to be good sports win or lose

                                    ii.     Congratulate Opposing team for a game well played

                                   iii.     Thank Referee (you and players)


b.     Retrieve and VERIFY all Player/Coach/Trainer Passes


c.     Communicate with Referee any game irregularities (ie. Un-Sportsmanship, verbal abuse, cheating, etc)


d.     Provide a positive message to team about the game


e.     If Last Home Game of day, collect flags and Goal Secured items are retuned to locker or shed in good and CLEAN condition


f.      Cleanup all of your stuff (bottles and trash)


g.     Record Game in MCYSA/MNJYSA website(*) w/ Ref comments


XI.           Specific End of Season Responsibilities


a.     Thank players and parents for effort and involvement


b.     Recap with the professional head coach regarding the season


c.     Communicate with parents and players about training options between season


d.     Remind Parents how to get feedback on Player development (usually provided by the Trainer)


e.     Provide assessment of Trainer to SSC Directors of Coaching


f.      Provide any other feedback to SSC President and Director of Parent Managers


g.     Inform players and parents of next steps (see you in March/August)


h.     Towards the end of Spring pick Sportsmanship Award winner


XII.         Advantages Using the SSC Website to Communicate


a.     Easy access to practices info w/ Chaperones


b.     Complete games schedule with Field Location/Address


c.     Emails are generated automatically if games/practices loaded


d.     Creates a common repository of Team schedule and information for players, parents, coaches, trainers, and league officials


e.     Enter it once and its done


f.      Provides access to LeagueAthletics & SI Play Mobile APP


g.     SSC Strongly recommends all Games and Practices be listed on the SSC website


XIII.       Cancelation of Practice and or Game


a.     Soccer is played in the rain and in near freezing conditions


b.     Field Conditions are the major driver in Cancelations.   More Turf in NJ/Summit = less cancelations


c.     HOME


                                      i.     SSC Field Scheduler is the only one who determines if field is playable

                                    ii.     SSC website updated weekdays 2pm, Saturday 7am, Sunday 9am

                                   iii.     If field is open, plan on playing

                                   iv.     Only Referee can cancel a game if fields are open within 2 hours of game start time (still needs to be paid)

                                    v.     If game is canceled, please communicate cancelation to team, opponent and League Rep ASAP

                                   vi.     If game is canceled reschedule games ASAP

                                 vii.     Coach can cancel practice but need to give sufficient notice to all (Trainer will be paid if cancelation is within 2 hours)


d.     Away


                                      i.     If opponent field is CLOSED and game canceled inform team ASAP.  Be accommodating to opponent coach in rescheduling

                                    ii.     Only Referee can cancel a game if fields are open within 2 hours of game start time (still needs to be paid)

                                   iii.     Show up for games even if you don’t have enough players  


XIV.       Rescheduling Games


a.     Responsibility of home team


b.     Should use Google Docs link to find 3 options


c.     Communicate options to Opponent Coach


d.     Once day/time/field is determined, notify via email (Home Team, Away Team, U-Age/Sex/Flight, New Date, Time and Field) SSC Field Scheduler, SSC League Rep for MNJYSA or MCYSA and Head of Coaching


e.     Game is only CONFIRMED once we receive confirmation from League


f.      Make sure Confirmation is communicated to opposing Coach.


g.     MCYSA requires 14 days for PCN’s not yet scheduled. 


h.     Update SSC website with any changes and communicate to Team


XV.         Referee(s) doesn’t show after 15 minutes


a.     If U9-10, can use non certified volunteers.  If no volunteers, Home coach does first half and away coach does second half

b.     U11+ can’t play game w/o referee

c.     Laura Madden schedules games and works with Referee Assignor




a.     Schedule more than 1 tournament.


                                      i.     You will have to collect money and do more organization, but it will be well worth it for your team to schedule multiple tournaments.  Tournaments are fantastic for the competition and the social fun the kids have between games and at the pizza restaurants that tend to follow these games. I was a parent coach for a u11 SSC team last year that played in approximately 10 tournaments in addition to league play last year between the Fall, Winter and Spring.  My u9 team played 3 tournaments in the Fall and Spring. A committed team would love to play more soccer and the coaches can make this happen with only minimal effort.


b.     Schedule scrimmages. 


                                      i.     Find a local team at your team's level and start organizing. Laura Madden will publish a field space availability spreadsheet after league games are scheduled and then go for it.  Or play at the other team's field.  Ask your trainer for another trainer's name and they can serve as the referee for a small cash fee.


c.     Schedule a third practice per week or an additional practice per month.


                                      i.     Seek additional field space from Laura Madden, confirm your team is interested, get your trainers' schedule and put it together.  The teams who practice more will develop more.


d.     Schedule preseason practices.  



e.     Schedule inter-team pickup games.


                                      i.     It's a beautiful day and the afternoon is open. Send an email to your team that you have cones and a ball and play 3 v 3 or more if a few kids are available.


f.      Act as a soccer cheerleader for your team. 


                                      i.     Send soccer YouTube clips to your team.  Tell them what games are on TV.  Schedule a team outing to a Sky Blue or Red Bulls game.  Assign soccer homework to the kids asking them to find out more about the team they were named after.  Get the kids engaged in the game.


g.     Schedule winter training sessions. 


                                      i.     More information will be provided later in the season, but please note that this process starts as early as October.


h.     Schedule a pizza party or magic fountain social or any other team gathering.


                                      i.     Get the kids to bond and strengthen the team.


XVII.     Additional Resources


a.     You will be added to many soccer emails through your association with the leagues and SSC. 


b.     All information regarding Coaching Soccer in NJ can be found on web at  SSC, NJYS, EDP, MCYSA, or MNJYSA.