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Here’s the link:
Registration steps to consider:
1.     Select “2019-20 Travel – Coach Register Now” to begin the process;
2.     Select “Assistant Coach” for “Coaching Position Requested.”  (The professional trainers will be the “Head Coaches.”)
3.     If you are a returning parent manager, the overwhelming majority of information is already in the system and it will take you no more than 5 minutes to complete the process. 
4.   You will need to identify that you hold both the USSF F and NJYS F licenses when asked.  I left my "Previous Coach Pass Number" blank and completed the registration process.  It does not seem to be a required field.
5.     If you are a new coach, you will select “No, I am a new coach and I agree to email a copy of my coaching license to a club admin.”  I will need a copy of your NJYS State Certificate (formerly known as the F license) that you obtain as soon as you complete your course. 
6.     Background checks – All of us need to submit to a background check.
7.     Concussion training - All coaches are required to complete concussion training as provided by the CDC or NFHS.   Returning coaches have already done this and I previously collected your certificate.  New coaches must watch one the (short) videos here and then send me your certification that you’ll receive after watching the video:
7.     Photo – If you are new, upload your photo and you’re done.  If you are new this year, this step proved to be slightly annoying last year.  Hopefully it is better now. 
Enjoy the Summer (and the Women's World Cup). 
Ty Patel