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Summit Soccer Club

Field and Weather Related Procedures  (September 2014) v1

Generally, the decision to play games or practices on fields under less than perfect conditions (ie. bad weather) is the responsibility of the field scheduler and/or game Referee.   Coaches have virtually no discretion to play or not play games.   Coaches have limited discretion on practices due to field/weather conditions.

Away Games:

If your opponent’s field is OPEN and the Referee deems the field playable, the game is ON and your team must play the game.  

If your opponent’s field is CLOSED and/or the Referee deems the field unplayable, the Game is CANCELLED.    You should immediately contact your team and your respective League Contact (MCYSA or MidNJ).  Rescheduling of Away Games is the responsibility of the Home team, however every effort should be made to accommodate rescheduling the game.

If you have a question about your opponents field/game status, contact your opponent’s coach.

Home Games:

The Summit Soccer Club website will be updated prior to 9am on Sundays regarding field status (OPEN or CLOSED).   No updates will occur after the initial posting.

If the field is listed as OPEN, the game is ON and the game must be played unless the game Referee deems the field unplayable.

If the field is listed as CLOSED please contact your team and opponent coach immediately.  Also, notify the League Contact.   Rescheduling of Home Games is the responsibility of the Home team, so please try to reschedule the game as soon as possible.  Every effort should be made to find a date/time that works for your team and your opponent.  A master field schedule is available at the Google Docs:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jbVOHpOE8pm7oZHVoODDab_UT8HRqEFXduskoK4ugys/edit#gid=0

Please use this tool in rescheduling your home games.


The Summit Soccer Club website will be updated prior to 2pm on Weekdays and 7am Saturdays regarding field status (OPEN or CLOSED).   No updates will occur after the initial posting.  All Parents, Players , Coaches and Trainers are directed to the SSC website for field status.

If your practice field is CLOSED your practice is automatically CANCELLED unless the Field Scheduler, and ONLY the Field Scheduler, has moved your practice to another location (ie. from a Grass Field to a Turf Field).    Please communicate immediately to your team (including Trainer) about practice CANCELLATION or change of venue.

If the practice field is OPEN you should have your team’s normally scheduled practice.    If weather or field conditions deteriorate dramatically, the Coach (prior to practice) or the Trainer can cancel practice. If practice is cancelled it is the Coach’s responsibility to ensure the team is notified of the cancellation.  Additionally, the Coach (either directly or through that day’s assigned chaperone) must ensure all players are retrieved from the playing field by a responsible adult. 

When the weather is bad you should communicate with your team more often about the status of the game and practice.


Special care should be taken by the Coach, Trainer and/or Chaperone during practices if lightning is in the area.   A suggested rule of thumb is if you see lightning the players should be removed from the field and take shelter (in buildings and or cars).   Practice should not resume until at least 30 minutes has passed since lightning was last seen.

During games Referee’s should/will adhere to similar procedures regarding lightning.    


**MC Coaches Only** To Play An Away Game at Home

  Now that we have turf fields in Summit there will be times when an away game is cancelled on a Saturday or a Sunday but we might have field time in Summit that same day to play the game. Below are steps to help you with this process.

1. As soon as you find out your away game is cancelled please go to Home Game Schedule under the Coaches Tab for field availability.

2. If there is field availability then contact Laura Madden at .

3. Laura will book the field for you and then either Stacey or Laura will contact the league and handle changing the game, getting referees etc.