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Below are some website tips to help you use your Team Page (these tips are also located under the Coaches Tab on the SSC Website).  

Login as you would normally do to access your account.

Team Bulletins
is a great communications feature you should use. The Team Bulletin on the Messages link on the Admin page provides an additional feature:  The message appears on the Bulletin page for your Team, and will send an email message out to your entire team.

It is a simple procedure:  Use the Messages link on the Admin page (after you log in with the Coach/Manager password).  Then click on the Team Bulletin link.  It will open a window for you to type in your message. 

Include your sending email address, a Message title (which will be used as a Headline at the top of the Bulletin page). 

Type the text of the message in the window.  You should also click the Email Broadcast to: box, and select your Team.  This will cause the message to also be emailed to all Team members.

The Team Bulleting is a better way to communicate.  It sends an email message to the Team, and keeps the text of the message on your Team Bulletin page.

As Coach/Manager, you may revise the Team Bulletins at any time by clicking on the Edit icon, or delete the message by clicking on the Red X.

Once you receive the game schedule you can add your games to your team page.  If it is an away game you can add the name of the field and the address. When parents view the game on the calendar if they click on the name of the field it will link them to Google Maps for directions. Some coaches have already used this function so please make sure the field is not already listed before adding it.

Another function of the scheduling is there is a Notes section at the bottom. This is a great place to list the chaperone for the practice each week.  You can edit the practices I already updated by clicking on the little calendar icon next to the practice.

Please do be careful because every time you add or edit a practice or game it will send an email to your team. If you do not want to send the email just unclick Send Notices to by the Submit button at the bottom