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A few reminders as we get ready to start the season in a few weeks:
All teams should be working on scheduling their games posted in gotsport.  We ask that teams use the chat function when communicating. 
Useful gotsport links posted at the end of the email and can also be found here:
Game dates will be locked starting September 3rd, at that time all changes will need to be approved by the league.   Additional information will be sent out on this process.   A game reminder will be sent prior to each weekend of the season.
EDP League rules are posted at the below link, it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with all of the rules.
https://www.edpsoccer.com/ leagueprocedures
The  EDP League COVID Mitigation Plan:

Follow your State Youth Soccer Association Guidelines.   Until further notice teams are discouraged from pre or post game contact (i.e. coin toss, shaking hands, collecting passes)

Clubs and Facilities should also be aware of all state and county guidelines 

**Recommended Check - In Procedures List Below  

Game  Day Procedures: 
Each team is responsible for bringing the following to all games :
1. Official US Youth Soccer Roster
2. US Youth Soccer Player Passes.
*Except for those states which have gone digital 
3.  Game Card (taken from Gotsport) - Please make sure this is up to date with all player information including pass number.
*please note fees have been updated in certain areas

Recommended Check-In Guidelines:

Player Pass Check-In is required for all EDP games.


  • Each team will submit a Game Card and Printed roster in which the referee will not return to the coach.
  • Coaches will distribute the passes out to each player who will hold it as the referee checks each one to verify each player via a photo on the pass.
  • Referees will hold player passes during the game.
  • The only exception to this will be the states that utilize electronic passes. In these states, the roster will have the player photos on it and the coach will submit that to the referee to verify the players.


Home teams should be communicating with their referee assignor to get your games scheduled.  It is the home team's responsibility to supply referees for home games.  Please confirm with the assignor that the games are set for the weekend.

  • Posted EDP Fees are the “default” fees. Occasionally, the prevailing rate in a specific game’s region is greater than the posted EDP rate. In this situation, the home team is responsible for the difference.  
  • *please note fees have been updated in certain areas

Reporting Scores:

The home team is responsible for reporting the score.  However, the away team is able to report in the system as well.  We ask both teams to check to make sure the score was entered following the game.  Referees are responsible for reporting any misconduct.  

*Score reporting instructions will be sent after each weekend. 


Useful Tools:


Adding a Venue and Pitches:



Add Coaches to Event Roster



Adding Jersey Numbers To Event Roster



Adding Players to Event Roster



Changing Game Date:

https://gotsport.zendesk.com/ hc/en-us/articles/ 360061911094-Changing-The- Date-of-a-Game-as-a-Coach- Manager


Chat Function (to speak with opponent):



Print Rosterhttps://gotsport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360053455954-Printing-Roster-Player-Cards-For-An-Event-Roster-Team-


Self Scheduling Steps:

https://gotsport.zendesk.com/ hc/en-us/articles/ 360055113913-How-to-Self- Schedule-from-a-Coach-Manager- Team-


Bulk Upload: https://gotsport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/1500000402542-Uploading-Players-US-Club


Coaches Adding Player Documents

Dashboard -> Team Management -> Select Team -> Rosters -> Select Player -> Documents -> Upload -> Save


Setting Game Day Roster

Dashboard -> Team Management -> Select Desired Team -> Team Registration -> Select Desired Event -> Schedule -> Select Rosters For Desired Game -> SetStarters and Substitutes ->  Select PDF


Good Luck This Season