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EDP League Information
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Game Day Procedures:

Each team is responsible for bringing the following to all games:
1. Official Roster and Player Passes 
2. Appropriate Game Card (printed from GotSoccer – from EDP or EDP Futures schedule )
3. Referee Fees - posted on game card - teams split fees.
Please bring all player medical releases to every game just in case.
Printing game card
To download game card PDF for printing, click on the game # in the schedule to the left of the game date. 
Referee Fees
U15-U16: $80 Center; $40 ARs. Each team pays $80 for team three refs (less if less refs)
U13-U14: $70 Center; $35 ARs. Each team pays $70 for team three refs (less if less refs)
U11-U12: $60 Center; $30 ARs. Each team pays $60 for team three refs (less if less refs
U9-U10: $60 Center (if one ref). Each team pays $30 for one ref. 
U9-U10: $60 Center, $30 Assistant Referees when utilized, at the cost of the home team only
If a three-referee system is used rather than the preferred one-ref system, the home team pays $90 and visiting team pays $30

Reporting Scores:
This season referees should be submitting scores. If they do not, the league will follow-up to ask teams to do it. 
If league asks you to enter a score, the QR code on the game card is the fastest and easiest method for score reporting.
Alternatively, scores can be submitted through GotSoccer or by phone. All of the information for calling in the score can be found on the game card.

*If a score is posted please verify it is accurate.

GotSoccer Score Reporting: https://www.gotsport.com/events/scoring/ and entering the codes below:

EDP League Fall 2020                   EDP Futures Fall 2020     

EVENT ID: 79560                             EVENT ID: 79743
EVENT PIN: 6655                             EVENT PIN: 6655



Referee Feedback

NEW! EDP asks you to leave referee feedback after every game. Please do that by filling out this referee feedback form: https://goo.gl/forms/0gTTX0iCGwQiQlyO2


No Show Policy for Referees

  • There is a grace period of 30 minutes.
  • Play with a designated referee or parent if no referee can be found.
  • If a designated referee is chosen, both teams must approve of the individual
  • The default position of the league is if the game is played the result stands.
  • If teams decide to play the game as a friendly, both teams must send notification to the league prior to kickoff.  This will avoid any disagreement about the result of the match.
  • If the game is not played, then it will be rescheduled and the home team will travel to the opposing team.
  • The League will contact the local assignor and team regarding situation.
  • The League and DOC will have a meeting to resolve.
EDP League contacts
League administrator: Jen Marcella

Jonny Morville - League  Administrator - 
jonny@ edpsoccer.com

Josh Ambler - League Manager -