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To print team roster:



“Sign In” at the upper right corner:






Use coach email address and password to login at the popup.  Once logged in the coach should be on the “My Teams” page.

Find the appropriate team in left hand panel.  I am going to use “Summit Breakers 2017-2018 Travel” :




Press the “Go to [team name] dashboard” button.  That should take you to the main page for that team.  There on the left side you should see a “Roster” tab.  Also on the upper right is the “Team Connect Code” in case you are ever asked for it (I was only ever asked once when registering for a tournament”):




Press the “Roster” tab and the team Roster appears:  At the top is a button that allows you to “Print Rosters & Medical Releases”. 



Press that button and you should see a drop down menu.  Select “Official Stack Sports Full Roster”:




That should generate a PDF form of the NJYS roster that you can save and print.  I have no idea what the other 3 printable “rosters” are for.