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Coaches Game Day Responsibilities

Week of the Game: 

When you are the home team, send the opposing coach field directions. You can obtain directions to the Summit Soccer Club Fields via the website ( http://summitsoccer.org/ ; and click on the "Fields" tab on the lower left corner). You should also familiarize yourself with your host League websites (Morris County:http://www.mcysa.org

; and Mid New Jersey: http://www.mnjysa.org/ )

You will find all the information you need around schedules, field directions, opposing coaches contact information, game rules…etc. Email your team all necessary information in advance for each game…directions, time you want your players at the field, game time, etc….  Better yet, add all your games and practices onto the SSC website so your team is automatically notified.

Game Day:

Home Games: You will need to ensure that corner flags are in place and the goals are anchored. Flags, goal anchors and first aid kits are all stored at the bin at Glenside, Franklin and Memorial Field.  It’s important that you return the flags and goal anchors after your game if there is not another SSC team playing on the field immediately after your game’s completion.

Here are the locker combinations:

Glenside :38 0 30
Franklin 03 28 09

Memorial 24 02 16


Game Ball: You will need to provide a game ball for home games. Each team is provided with 2 balls at the beginning of the season. You will be expected to return the balls at the end of the season. Trainers should  supply balls at practices.

All Games:

Check-in: The referee at each game will check the players, coaches and trainers in. Coaches will present the referee with your player/coaches passes and your filled-out game card. You will need to fill out a roster for each game card…players name as it appears on the card/roster and their jersey number (suggestion is to create a template on your home computer with you team’s roster and size it to fit on the card…one can either use a label that sticks or glue on the card). Your game cards will be provided at your League’s coaches meeting…our League Contacts (Stacey Space for Morris County and Jim Lees for Mid New Jersey) will be contacting you about these specifics.

Pay the Referee: Please refer to your League’s website for the specific fees that are to be paid to the referees for each age group. Head Coaches will/have received a check from SSC for the referee payments.  If no assigned referee shows up at the game, call the MCYSA Hotline 973-492-1624.
Sage Rep: You will need to find a parent volunteer for each game to be a Sage representative. Parent will wear the Sage Rep badge and attend to coin toss prior to the game’s start (sometimes ref’s skip this but not often). You will receive a Sage Rep Badge with your Game Cards if you are in Morris County League.

Linesperson: If there are not sideline referees attending your game, most Referees will ask for each team to find a volunteer from their side to run the out-of-bounds lines. You will need to find a volunteer from your side.

Post Game: Shake hands with opposing team and sign your game cards that you gave to the coach.    If there is any UN-SPORTSMAN like conduct from opposing players, coaches or fans please log a complaint with the referee before leaving the field.   Significant issues at the game (including injuries) should be reported the SSC President and Head of Coaches ASAP.   Report scores in each leagues respective website when you get home or as soon as possible.

Before leaving the Field: Teams must clean up all garbage before leaving the bench and again if it’s a Home Game, make sure all corner flags and goal anchors are returned to the proper storage if there is no SSC team playing after your game’s completion.

Rescheduling Games: When games are rained-out or have to be re-scheduled, please refer to you League’s website for the procedures and timing of re-scheduling games. For MCYSA only the home team's club or the referee is authorized to cancel a game.  You will need to work with your opposing Coach and their Field Scheduler to get this done. Remember to check the SSC Website for SSC field closures. There are times when the Summit Fields are closed while our opponents are open. Moving your game to an away game on the day when Summit fields are closed (depending on the opposing team’s access to a field) saves the hassle of finding other available dates that works for both teams. Checking field status early on games days can allow for more flexibility.